Crossbow Marketing Consultants (Pty) Ltd represent these seven charitable organisations:


We contact hundreds of South Africans raising awareness of the incredible work each of these charities do. Through the sales of these products, we raise the much needed funding they depend on. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to talk to us and for your support.

“2016 Portrait Desk Pad” – Large 2016 Calendar Pad & 11 High Quality Prints.

Sold on behalf of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.

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“2016 Women’s Diary” – Your Personal Home Organiser.

Web 2016 Home Organiser (English)
2016 Home Organiser Home Organiser Artworks

After 30 years of continued research and development, our unique Diary is a wonderful “personal home organiser”. It maintains its reputation for being one of the most popular, recognised diary and personal home organiser produced in our country today. These diaries are sold on behalf of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.

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“Birds in Flight” – DELUXE Greeting Card & GiftWrap Pack.

_Birds in Flight 6 _Birds in Flight 2 _Birds in Flight 1 _Birds in Flight 3

This year we have designed a deluxe pack that features Lisa Halsteads Latest range of paintings: “Birds in Flight”. The pack includes more content than ever before: 20 Greeting Cards, 5 Large Deluxe Cards, 24 Mini Cards, 25 Envelopes & 15 Large Sheets of Gift Wrap. This handy set will prepare you throughout the year, whenever you need to give a gift to, or congratulate, someone you care about.

These packs are sold on behalf of the LifeLine South Africa.

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“Precious Pets” – Double Set of Deluxe 2016 Calendars.

January 2016 - Dogs dogs-styled-cover cats-styled-cover

This year we are offering a double calendar set for 2016. We are calling this set of deluxe calendars: “Precious Pets”. They are a must for any animal lover – between the two calendars there are over 120 paintings of dogs & cats, featuring beautiful artwork by Lisa Halstead. Lisa has created beautiful portraits of a wide variety of popular dog & cat breeds.

These calendar sets are sold on behalf of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa.

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Reversible 2016 Year Planner / Poster
_2016 Annual Forward Planner at Home

Our unique, reversible Year Planner-Posters will enhance any home, office or classroom environment. Each has a full 2016 Calendar on one side & large artwork on the reverse side.

This year we are offering 6 different designs – Featuring 2 large eye-catching artworks, 3 educational posters and a bright fun cartoon poster for a childs room. Selling at only R175 (including a dry-wipe pen, postage & packaging). Further copies only cost an extra R100 – ie. R275 for 2.

These are sold on behalf of Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa.

Please Note: These are selling fast, we have already sold out of two of the designs – please get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.

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In-My-Nature-Cover-Flat In My Nature – Coffee Table Book (Featuring Lisa Halstead Artworks)
Selling for only R299.99 – A visual feast with over 700 artworks by Lisa Halstead collected in this 168page Hard-Cover coffee table book. Celebrate over 25 years of her painting along with the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa as they celebrate their 75th year.

All payments made go directly to the The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa.

About Us:
For more than 30 years, Crossbow Marketing Consultants (Pty.) Ltd (CMC) have been assisting reputable charities in Southern Africa to strengthen themselves financially so that they may continue their vital and valuable work. We have been approached and appointed by each of these charities to provide them with the marketing services we offer. Our service involves person-to-person awareness campaigns that annually also serves to be one of their primary sources of income.

As a full service company, Crossbow (CMC) is proud of its standing as a leader in the field of dual purpose marketing – a method of trading that provides every one of the company’s clients with a dependable source of income through the work done on their behalf.

In providing a professional service, Crossbow (CMC) utilises its extensive resources to successfully implement annual sales/public relations projects for the Charities while assuming full financial risk for the campaigns. Crossbow (CMC) is proud to have maintained this record of always funding the full operation without asking the Charities to risk any monies that they raised through their other fund raising activities.

This support empowers this proactive group of Charities to focus more exclusively on the services they provide to those in need, including physically disabled people, those who are visually impaired, people in need of counseling, and even poor suffering animals in need of protection.