We strive to deliver the most professional service. We would appreciate your feedback if we have not done so. If something appears to have gone wrong, please check through the following FAQ before contacting us.

Invoices & SMS’s are only sent to clients whose parcels were dispatched more than a month ago. If your parcel did not arrive – please urgently let us know so we can follow up with the courier provider or SAPO, as this is resulting in you being invoiced for parcels that have gone missing. This hurts our fund raising efforts and causes you frustration.

  • Customer Services: (021) 700-6500
  • Proof of Payment: Please use form below

  • Why have you not contacted me this year?

    We make repeated attempts to recontact our clients annually, however it can easily happen that during the campaign period we might not get hold of you. If you have not been contacted, please let us know and we will happily assist you.

  • I have paid, why did I receive an invoice?

    We can only identify your payment if you included your tax invoice number as a reference. (Eg. A18xxxxxx ) You can locate this 8 digit code on your invoice.

    If you did not include this in your reference, we might not be able to connect that payment with your account and have as a result resent you an invoice or sms. Please contact us with proof of payment or information regarding the date your account was paid.

    If you have paid within the last 10 days, it can happen that the invoices were already printed and being distributed by SAPO. If that is the case, please give our customer service department a call to ensure that your account reflects this. Tel. (021) 700 6500

    If you have paid within the last 2 business days, then you might still receive an sms since we have to wait for the amounts to be cleared by the bank before our details are updated.

    In these cases, please do not take offense as it is an automated process not intended to insult you. We really value your support.

  • Unsolicited Parcels (I didn’t order this…)

    If you have no idea of why this parcel has been sent to you, then there has been an expensive mistake. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    It is not our policy or intention to send expensive items to clients who did not request them. Since these high-quality products have all been specifically produced to raise funds for reputable national charities, it would be far too risky and too costly to send them to anyone except the rightful buyer, who agreed telephonically to order these. As a further measure, all orders are independently verified, prior to being processed.

    If you have checked with family members or colleagues and none of them placed the order on your behalf then, please could you contact us, so that we can retrieve the parcel and investigate this further. This will help us eliminate this error from happening again.

    Please don’t ignore the invoices. As you will continue to receive sms’s and invoices until we know why you haven’t paid. As this is a fund raising cause we strive to minimize any wastage and stop any incorrect orders being dispatched – your assistance would be very much appreciated.

  • My parcel arrived without an invoice.

    Please check the packaging that your parcel arrived in or the product itself. You invoice could be within the product (ie. under the diary cover). If the product has an envelope stuck to the outside of the parcel, then the invoice is more than likely in that.

    If you ordered multiple items, they might have been mailed off separately. One of the parcels will contain the invoice and should arrive shortly.

  • My Parcel had no label or envelope attached

    Since this item has arrived at the correct destination, it must have had your address at the time it arrived. The invoice must have become detached from the parcel after it arrived at your postal address. Please contact us for further assistance.

  • Parcel not Received

    If you have received an invoice in the mail or an sms then your parcel was certainly dispatched at least a full month prior to that. If you haven’t received your parcel, then please alert us ASAP.

    Failed SAPO deliveries are frequently caused by local Postmaster failing to notify customers. Occasionally the parcels never reach the client’s post office, nor are they returned to us. In this case, we won’t know that until either your parcel returns to us or when we are notified by you. Unless the parcels return to us, we assume you have them and are still unpaid. This results in repeated invoicing, which is both a nuisance and a further wasted expense. The sooner you can alert us to this the better.

    Failed courier deliveries are often as a result of no-one being at the address at the time of delivery. Orders are sometimes taken months ahead of production and dispatch, so it is very difficult for us to know when you are home or in office. For this reason, please always supply a daytime delivery address where there will typically be someone available to sign for the parcel. Again the sooner you can alert us to a non-delivery, the better.

    Please check with your colleagues/reception or spouse, in case they might be aware of the parcels arrival.

    The delivery address supplied at the time of placing the order determines the method of distribution used:

  • City Centres (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth & George): Parcels are dispatched via our Courier service provider (Voova Connect). These parcels can be tracked and located by them. We can assist you with doing that.
  • All other areas rely on the South African Post Office (SAPO) standard parcel post (without tracking).
  • Our objective is to ensure you receive your parcel. We go to great lengths and costs to ensure all delivery details are accurate before being processed and that your parcels are dispatched as soon as the stock is available from our printers. If you suspect it has gone missing, please urgently contact our Help Desk at 021 700 6500, so that we can try to assist.

  • Protection of the rights of consumers


    CMC is a marketing company that acts as an agent on behalf of the following charities to fundraise by the sale of products:

    1. Animal Anti-Cruelty League [NPO: 000-560]
    2. Institute For The Blind [NPO: 011-891]
    3. LifeLine Southern Africa [NPO: 002-571]
    4. Muscular Dystrophy Foundation [NPO: 004-152]
    5. The National Council For Persons With Physical Disabilities in SA [NPO: 000-923]
    6. ST Giles Association (KZN) [NPO: 002-298]
    7. ST Giles Association (Gauteng) [NPO: 000-831]

     A. Preamble

    CMC fully subscribes to the preamble of the CPA by striving to redress the injustices and the social and economic inequalities of the past by promoting the participation
    of all consumers and to protect their interests and rights.

    CMC is also committed to train all staff to be familiar with these principles and relevant legislation.

    CMC recognizes:

    • That apartheid and discriminatory laws of the past have burdened the nation with unacceptably high levels of poverty, illiteracy and other forms of social and economic inequality;
    • That it is necessary to:
      1. fulfill the rights of historically disadvantaged persons and to promote their full participation as consumers;
      2. protect the interests of all consumers, ensure accessible, transparent and efficient redress for consumers who are subjected to abuse or exploitation in the marketplace; and
      3. to give effect to internationally recognized customer rights;
    • That recent and emerging technological changes, trading methods, patterns and agreements have brought, and will continue to bring, new benefits, opportunities and challenges to the market for consumer goods and services within South Africa; and
    • That it is desirable to promote an economic environment that supports and strengthens a culture of consumer rights and responsibilities, business innovation and enhanced performance.

     B. Commitment

    CMC is fully committed to implement all the sections of the CPA which promotes for the consumers all aspects of practices of fair marketing, transparency, courtesy, honest disclosure, choices, fulfillment of orders, returns and documentation.

    Therefore CMC fully endorses the protection of all the consumer rights as contained in the Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008 and accordingly commits itself to the following:

    1. The Right to Equality in the Comsumer Market and Protection against DiscriminatoryPractices:
      • CMC recognizes every person’s right to equality in the consumer market, including, but not limited to, free and unlimited access to, price for and quality of goods and services and will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.
      • CMC recognizes the right of consumers to beheard and obtain redress and undertakes not to discriminate or penalize a consumer who has exercised such right.
    2. The Right to Privacy:
      • CMC recognizes consumers’ right to restrict direct marketing by demanding cessation of such efforts or by pre-emptively blocking such marketing.
      • CMC will not engage in direct marketing to consumers during hours outside that which is laid down by law.
    3. The Right to Choose:
      • CMC recognizes the consumer’s right to shop around for best prices for goods & services and not be obliged to buy any goods from CMC
      • CMC recognizes consumers’ right to a ‘cooling off’ period and to rescind a transaction resulting from any direct marketing without reason or penalty, within five business days after the later of the date on which:
        • the transaction or agreement was concluded; or
        • the goods that were the subject of the transaction were delivered to the consumer and to return such goods to CMC
      • CMC recognizes the consumer’s right to choose to examine goods prior to, or after purchase & delivery. Prior examination can be done at one of CMC’s retail shops or on its website at www.kindhearted.co.za
      • Consumers are entitled to reject goods that do not correspond with telephonic or website descriptions of its products.
      • CMC undertakes not delivery goods to consumers unsolicited.
      • CMC recognizes its responsibility todeliver goods or perform the services:
        • on the agreed date and at the agreed time, if any, or otherwise within a reasonable time after concluding the transaction or agreement;
        • at the agreed place of delivery or performance; and
        • at the cost of CMC, in the case of delivery of goods
      • CMC recognizes the consumer’s right to return goods to CMC,and receive a full refund of any consideration paid for those goods, if CMC has delivered:
        • goods to the consumer in terms of an agreement arising out of direct marketing, and the consumer has rescinded that agreement during the cooling of period,
        • goods that the consumer did not have an opportunity to examine before delivery, and the consumer has rejected delivery of those goods for any reason

     D. Right to Disclosure of Information

    1. CMC recognizes the consumer’s right to receive information from CMC in plain and understandable language
    2. CMC undertakes to adequately inform and display to consumers the unit price of its products in writing in South African Rands and apply labelling & trade descriptions to its products that are not misleading
    3. CMC undertakes to provide a written record of each transaction to the consumer to whom any goods are supplied.
    4. CMC declares that it acts for and on behalf of the following charities in the sale of products owned by CMC, as agent for these charities:
      • Animal Anti Cruelty League
      • Institute For The Blind
      • LifeLine Southern Africa
      • Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
      • The National Council For Persons With Physical Disabilities in SA
      • ST Giles Association (KZN)
      • ST Giles Association (Gauteng)

     E. The Right to Fair and Responsible Marketing

    1. CMC undertakes not to market any goodsin a manner that is reasonably likely to imply a false or misleading representation concerning those goods; orin a manner that is misleading, fraudulent or deceptive in any way; or fail to correct an apparent misapprehension on the part of a consumer.
    2. CMC undertakes not to embark on any dubious marketing methods such as:
      • negative option marketing
      • bait marketing
    3. CMC will not offer comsumers rebates, commissions or other benefits for the referral of names of other consumers which rebates, commissions or other benefits are contingent on that consumer concluding an agreeement with CMC.
    4. CMC undertakes to inform consumers, with whom CMC concludes agreements, as result of its direct marketing of goods, in the prescribed form and manner, of the right to rescind that agreement.

    F. The Right to Fair and Honest Dealings

    1. CMC will not not use physical force against a consumer, coercion, undue influence, pressure, duress or harassment, unfair tactics or any other similar conduct, in connection with any marketing of any goods orsupply of goods to a consumer.
    2. CMC will not use false, misleading, deceptive representation, exageration, innuendo or ambiguity in the marketing of its products or fail to correct any misapprehension that may exist in this regard with a consumer .
    3. CMC will not initiate, sponsor, promote or knowingly participate in:
      • fraudulent schemes and offers
      • pyramid and related schemes

     G. The Right to Fair, Just and Reasonable Terms and Conditions

    1. CMC undertakes not to offer to supply, supply, or enter into an agreement to supply, any goods:
      • at a price that is unfair, unreasonable or unjust; or
      • on terms that are unfair, unreasonable or unjust and will not enter into prohibited transactions, agreements or terms and conditions. CMC acknowledges the consumer’s right to enforce just and fair terms and conditions in a court of law.

     H. The Right to Fair Value, Good Quality and Safety

    1. CMC recognizes the right of every consumer to receive goods that:
      • are reasonably suitable for the purposes for which they are generally intended;
      • are safe, of good quality, in good working order and free of any defects;
      • will be usable and durable for a reasonable period of time; and warrants that the goods so supplied, comply with the above requirements and standards.

     I. The Right to Accountability from


    1. CMC declares that as a supplier of goods to the consumer market, it will exercise care, diligence and skill and remains accountable to consumers for its products


    Should you have any further questions or queries,

    please feel free to contact us.


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