“The Young & Wild” GiftWrap + GreetingCards

“The Young & Wild” GiftWrap + GreetingCards

“The Young & Wild” GiftWrap + GreetingCards


Product Description

Sold on behalf of LifeLine Southern Africa

This collection features two themes. The first is “The Young & Brave”. The collection of 10 paintings pays special tribute to the beautiful African wildlife – particularly parent/child scenes. The other theme is “Wild Africa”, which features 10 paintings of South African fynbos. Over the past few years the variety packs have showcased some of Lisa Halstead’s most beautiful works to date. She has painted well over 100 different paintings for these ranges, with an incredible variety of themes of wildlife, domestic & farm animals, birds & wildlife scenery. This year we have prepared a DELUXE Variety Pack that includes: Greeting Cards, Large Deluxe Cards, Mini-Cards, Single-Sided Gift Wrap & matching Envelopes.

20 Greeting Cards (Plus Envelopes): The cards are sold as a pack of 20 with 20 different paintings featured. They are professionally printed and folded by one of South Africa’s largest printing companies. We make use of 200gsm Linen Embossed Invercote which is a high quality, textured board ensuring a beautiful finish and a very high standard. The cards measure 150 x 196 mm – which folds to almost an A5 size when folded open. These cards are blank allowing the freedom to use them for any occasion all year round.

15 Sheets of Large Single-Sided Folded Gift Wrap: Following on from the populaity of last years range, this year once again we have strived for a wide variety of gift-wrap artwork. This years range features something for every occasion. The range samples Lisa Halsteads artwork, reinterpretted into beautiful giftwrap designs. Also include are modern fun designs for all occasions, both formal & fun.

Traditionally wrapping paper is sold either in loose sheets or rolled up into tubes. Loose sheets tend to get damaged before you even had a chance to use them and rolled up tubes run a high risk of creasing repeatedly throughout the roll due to one simple bump. Instead we sought to find something that could avoid these problems. We found a way to fold and store multiple sheets of gift wrap in what we call an Eezy-Store pack. A few years ago we introduced this concept to South Africa! Each sheet is folded twice and then the top edge is perforated. The folding allows for the 15 sheets to be safely protected in the Eezy-Store Gift Wrap pack without the risk of creases or wear-and-tear and allows for easy removal when needed.

5 Deluxe Greeting Cards (Plus Envelopes): For the first time ever, we have included a set of 5 large deluxe greeting cards – these feature 5 of the most popular paintings in this brand new range.

24 Mini Cards: In addition to the greeting cards each Variety Pack also includes a large set of mini-cards. These are printed on the exact same board as the big cards, and are even folded into a V shape. They are perfect for attaching onto a parcel along with a small message . This addition to the set goes a long way allowing the you to keep the bigger cards for more important or special recipients.