For more than 35 years, Crossbow Marketing Consultants (Pty.) Ltd (CMC) have been assisting these reputable charities in Southern Africa to strengthen themselves financially so that they may continue their vital and valuable work. We have been approached and appointed by each of these charities to provide them with the marketing services we offer. Our service involves person-to-person awareness campaigns that annually also serves to be one of their primary sources of income.

As a full service company, Crossbow (CMC) is proud to provide every one of our company’s clients (the charities) with a dependable source of income through the work done on their behalf.

In providing a professional service, Crossbow (CMC) utilises its extensive resources to successfully implement annual sales/public relations projects for the Charities while assuming full financial risk for the campaigns. Crossbow (CMC) is proud to have maintained this record of always funding the full operation without asking the Charities to risk any monies that they raised through their other fund raising activities.

This support empowers this proactive group of Charities to focus more exclusively on the services they provide to those in need, including physically disabled people, those who are visually impaired, people in need of counseling, and even poor suffering animals in need of protection.